Session 1

ONLINE (Virtual)


TIME : 13.00 – 16.00 (GMT +7)

Parallel  – 4 : Information System B (Zoom Room 1)

1 1570839828 Measurement Model User Experience and Technology Acceptance for Implementation Virtual Booth in Marketplace Henry Widjaja
2 1570840754 Antecedents of the E-Learning Adoption in Adamson University During Pandemic COVID 19: The Higher Education Students’ Perspectives Lianna Wijaya
3 1570843536 Implementation of Gamification Learning to Increase Student Motivation and Engagement in Flipped Learning Raden Budiarto Hadiprakoso
4 1570844563 Customer Segmentation Based on Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) and User Event Tracking (UET) Using K-Means Algorithm Achmad Solichin
5 1570827801 Perception and E-Learning Readiness Mulawarman  University Fahrul Agus
6 1570823238 Selection Modification of Model in Profile Matching Algorithm for Admission and Placement of Assistant Members Irawan Dwi Wahyono
7 1570838830 Fostering Student Engagement in E-Learning Using Mobile Technology Fatima Vapiwala

Parallel 5 : Informatics C (Zoom Room 2)

1 1570831574 Comparison of Three Crawling Libraries for Providing Herbal Information Resources Vincentius Riandaru Prasetyo
2 1570832363 DNA Cryptography Based on NTRU Cryptosystem to Improve Security Dwiko Satriyo. U. Y. S
3 1570833437 Analysis of Consumer Satisfaction Levels with GoRide Services Using the Support Vector Machine (SVM) Classification Method Virginia Ursula Lalian
4 1570833555 Classification of Teenager Aggressiveness Using K-Nearest Neighbor Method Heliza Rahmania Hatta
5 1570839156 Identification of Semi-Solid Liquids Using Photodiode and RGB Sensor with S-NN Method Noor Suryaningsih
6 1570841296 Soceng Warriors: Game-Based Learning to Increase Security Awareness Against Social Engineering Attacks Raden Budiarto Hadiprakoso
7 1570842273 Realtime Simulation Platform for Rocket Using Visual Programming Fikana Mahardika Cantri
8 1570843128 A Comparative Study of Cuckoo and Any.Run in Basic Dynamic Malware Analysis Kamila Rizqina
9 1570843135 Analysis of Centralized Vs Decentralized of Electronic Voting Zidna Wildan Alfain
10 1570840771 Grouping Madura Tourism Objects with Comparison of Clustering Methods Achmad Jauhari
11 1570841925 Word Ambiguity Identification Using POS Tagging in Automatic Essay Scoring Husni Husni
12 1570843227 Usability Evaluation of Academic Information System Using the WEBUSE Method: A Study on University of Trunojoyo Madura Web Portal Fitri Agustina
13 1570843667 Water Requirement Prediction System Using Multi-Factors High Order Fuzzy Time Series Method Achmad Jauhari
14 1570843678 K-Means and K-Medoids Clustering Methods for Customer Segmentation in Online Retail Datasets Fifin Ayu Mufarroha

Parallel – 6   : Informatics D (Zoom Room 3)

1 1570846837 Performance of Root-Mean-Square Propagation and Adaptive Gradient Optimization Algorithms on Covid-19 Pneumonia Classification Budi Nugroho
2 1570843146 Development of Final Year Project System (FIPOS) Based on Website with One-Time Password Muhammad Irfan Cahyanto
3 1570843406 Analysis of SQL Injection Attack Detection and Prevention on MySQL Database Using Input Categorization and Input Verifier Alya Aiman Salsabila Arif
4 1570843622 Implementation Password Stealing Attack Against Saved Passwords on Computer Browsers Using Digispark Attiny85 Farid Akram
5 1570843634 Real-Time Vision Image Processing Based on LabVIEW and Microcontroller Controlled Parallel Robot Surin Subson
6 1570844416 Flood Early Warning System Using River Water Level Prediction with Artificial Neural Network (CASE STUDY JAKARTA) Dimas Bagus Saputro
7 1570846697 Graphical User Interface for RYU Software Defined Network Controller Nguyen Viet Ha
8 1570846821 Attendance System Using Two Factor Authentication Based on Secure App with Flutter Donny Irwansyah
9 1570846787 Political Campaign Strategy on Social Media Using Finite State Machine Aryo Nugroho
10 1570844958 Online User Reviews Investigation Towards Madura Island Tourism Using Latent Semantic Analysis Ari Basuki
11 1570842242 Comparison of LSTM and GRU in Predicting the Number of Diabetic Patients Eka Mala Sari Rochman
12 1570842602 Face Recognition to Determine Visitor Attraction Using Residual Deep Neural Network Budi Dwi Satoto
13 1570843129 Automatic Text Summarization of Madura Tourism Articles Using TF-IDF and K-Medoid Clustering Yoga Dwitya Pramudita

Parallel  – 7 : Engineering A (Zoom Room 4)

1 1570832735 Kalman and Butterworth Filter Comparison for GPS and Magnetometer Sensors Tanya Porang
2 1570832748 Eleven Degree of Freedom Humanoid Upper Body Robot SIBO Padma Nyoman Crisnapati
3 1570832901 Camera Calibration Algorithm for Industrial Robot Louie Villaverde
4 1570832954 Experimental Four-Wheel Tractor by GPS Tracking System Phummarin Thavitchasri
5 1570839121 Representation of Soccer Robotics in the Fastest Trajectory Tracking Achmad Ubaidillah
6 1570839325 Technical, Economical, Environmental Feasibility of Solar PV System for Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture: A Case Study of a Circular Shrimp Pond in Indonesia Nizar Amir
7 1570841504 Application of Sensors in Arduino as a Control in Smart Home Systems A S Romadhon
8 1570842306 Sentiment Analysis of Government Policy Management on the Handling of Covid-19 Using Naive Bayes with Feature Selection Aeri Rachmad,
9 1570843722 Design of Garbage Collection Robots in Tourism Area (Beach) with Artificial Neural Network Method Hanifudin Sukri
10 1570845478 Design of Integrated Substrate Waveguide (Siw) Planar Horn Antenna Kunto Aji Wibisono
11 1570845668 Autonomous Museum Tour Guide Robot with Object Detection Using Tensorflow Learning Machine Faikul Umam

Session 2

ONLINE (Virtual)


TIME : 08.00 – 10.00 (GMT +7)

Parallel  – 8 : Information System & Informatics (Zoom Room)

1 1570838748 Diagnosis System of Cattle Diseases Using Case-Based Reasoning and Nearest Neighbor Similarity Methods Devie Rosa Anamisa
2 1570828485 Path Planning and Smoothing in Maze Exploration Using Virtual Mobile Robot-Based Modified PRM Muhammad Fuad
3 1570843519 Rice Commodity Crisis Prediction for Food Resilience in Indonesia Trisita Novianti
4 1570843605 Stalk Rots Diseases of Corn Classification Using Morphology Closing and Convolutional Neural Network Wahyudi Setiawan
5 1570843852 Mapping of Salt Field Using Drone for Geographic Information System (GIS) Muhammad Yusuf