Parallel Session 1


TIME : 13.00 – 16.00 (GMT +7)

Parallel – 1: Information System A 

1 1570841870 Borneo Smart Forest Information System for Management of Dipterocarp Plants in Kalimantan Rainforest Masna Wati
2 1570844146 Analysis of Factors Affecting Subscription Interest on Netflix Using UTAUT2    Arista Pratama
3 1570845387 Alignment of Business Goals with IT Goals by Measuring the Level of Capability Using Cobit 5 Siti Mukaromah
4 1570846713 Implementation of Weighted Product Method as Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) in Vendor Selection Abdul Rezha Efrat Najaf
5 1570847149 Evaluation of Campus Event Management Information System Using System Usability Scale Method Rizka Hadiwiyanti
6 1570846761 Risk Management Capability Level of Mail Information System in the Government of Surabaya Anita Wulansari
7 1570837503 Understanding the Acceptance of Smartwatch Application on Football Players as a Performance Monitoring Tools Tri Lathif Mardi Suryanto

Parallel – 2: Informatics A (Offline 2)

1 1570829947 Integrated Deep Learning System for Car Damage Detection and Classification Using Deep Transfer Learning Daniel Widjojo
2 1570843542 An Algorithm for Selecting the Head and Tail of an Intact Fish in the Overlapping Multi-Fish Image for Detecting Fish Freshness Eko Prasetyo
3 1570846659 Single Channel EEG Based Biometric System Muhammad Afif Hendrawan
4 1570838595 Wind Speed Time Series Modeling Under Least Square Error and Genetic Algorithm Mohammad Abu Jamiin
5 1570843260 Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading Andreas Nugroho Sihananto
6 1570843696 Implementation of Quantile Regression Neural Network Model for Forecasting Electricity Demand in East Java Aviolla Terza Damaliana
7 1570846298 Classification of Javanese Script Using Convolutional Neural Network with Data Augmentation Muhammad Muharrom Al Haromainy
8 1570832748 Eleven Degree of Freedom Humanoid Upper Body Robot SIBO Padma Nyoman Crisnapati
9 1570846644 Using Genetic Algorithm for Wide Yet Even Scattering of Game Objects: Applications on Irregular Levels and Involving Multiple Objects Pratama Wirya Atmaja

Parallel – 3: Informatics B (Offline 3)

1 1570843630 Forecasting Model of Wind Speed and Direction by Convolutional Neural Network – Deep Convolutional Long Short Term Memory Anggraini Puspita Sari
2 1570845424 Implementation of Fog Computing on the Multiple Smart Home Scenario Agus salim
3 1570826094 Indonesia’s Open Unemployment Rate Prediction System Using Deep Learning Basuki Rahmat
4 1570846090 Development of Extraction-Based Text Summarization Application to Improve Children’s Literacy in Storybook Reading Tresna Maulana Fahrudin
5 1570846492 Optimization of Single Exponential Smoothing Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Modified Particle Swarm Optmization in Sales Forecast Made Hanindia Prami Swari
6 1570846622 Forecasting the Inflation Rate in Indonesia Using Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network Agung Mustika Rizki
7 1570846806 Car Classification Based on Image Using Transfer Learning Convolutional Neural Network Wahyu S J Saputra
8 1570847060 Stacking Ensemble Methods to Predict Obesity Level in Adults I Gede Susrama Mas Diyasa
9 1570843657 Comparison of Sequential Feature Selection Performance with Various Dimensional Data to Produce Optimal Classification Ani Dijah Rahajoe